This is the fabulous Storysacks Library at Myatt Garden Primary School, Brockley South East London. Find out about How the Storysacks Library Works, The Storysacks Librarians Job and The Storysacks Library Manual

A Storysack is a large cloth sack containing a storybook, a non- fiction book (relevant to the story – great for children who enjoy factual information), puppets or soft toy characters or dressing up clothes/props (for you to act out the story), a game (which compliments the story – great for learning to take turns and share), ‘Parent Prompt’ (laminated card with a series of questions to ask your child about the story, the words and language, checking their understanding and developing communications skills).

Storysacks are designed to inspire children to be life long readers, because this gives them such an advantage, not just in education but also later in careers and work. Educational research shows that children whose parents read to them and who listen to their children read, do better at school. This is why the Storysacks Library is available to all Reception children at Myatt Garden Primary School: it’s a fun way to engage parents in sharing and talking about books, stories and written information with their children.

Our Storysacks Library was launched in November 2003 and currently has over 120 titles with more ‘in the pipeline’. Some of the Storysacks were purchased from ‘Storysacks Ltd’ they cost between £55-£90, but the vast majority have been made, with enormous skill and dedication, by Myatt Garden parents, staff and children; it took nearly 2 years to make the first 100 Storysacks. In 2009 a new series of Classic Tales Storysacks were made by each of the classes in the school and a group of parents. As part of this project teachers and parents recorded readings of all the Classic Stories (30) for a CD which went into the Storysacks. These readings are now available on this website and currently Myatt Garden families are involved in a big project to record all the Storysack stories for the website. The hope is to have them ready for the 10th anniversary of Myatt Garden Storysack Library in November 2013!

How the Storysacks Library Works | The Storysacks Librarian | The Storysacks Library Manual