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Peachy new Storysack!

webphoto-eachpeachThis new Storysack Each Peach Pear Plum is a book on the Myatt Garden Early Years Core Reading List. Each Peach Pear Plum is an “I Spy” rhyming story, it’s lots of fun trying to find all the fairy-tale and nursery rhyme characters hiding in the pictures. Then you can make up your own stories with all the puppet characters! I had some funding to buy the game and books for this Storysack from Myatt Garden P.T.A. but the cloth sack and puppet theatre were made with leftover fabric I’ve had in my cupboard for years, it was great to find a good use for it.

This Is The Bear

webphotothisisthebearThis is a very popular story sack, which means it’s had a lot of wear and tear over the last 11 years. The game had lost too many pieces to be useable, so I looked around for a new one: Red Dog Blue Dog  is a colour and shape lotto game which I hope everyone will enjoy playing.

When significant new pieces/replacements are added to a Storysack it has to be re-photographed,  two new inventories and a new Photoblurb (the cards the children choose from) are made, plus changing the photo here on the website…..



He’s football crazy, football mad!

photogoalwebGoal!’, a new Preston Pig story for the Library. I’ve wanted to make a football themed storysack for ages. At last, a couple of months ago I spied a Preston Pig toy, complete with football, on Ebay – and so was able to put this storysack together over the summer. I think it’ll be a big hit with this year’s Reception children.