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…recent make, glue and mends

Quite regularly I make batches of replacement game pieces – missing pieces put Storysacks out of action. Some years ago I scanned all the Storysack game pieces, so when pieces go missing I can print out a copy, glue it to cardboard and seal with more glue – making new pieces so that the games and Storysacks can continue to be used!

Occasionally I need to make replacement clothes for character pieces (because they have been lost or damaged), this week it was a new pair of pj’s for the lazy farmer in the Farmer Duck Storysack – a few weeks ago a tiny shirt for Nelligan in the Pig in the Pond Storysack. Recently most of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs Storysack were lost, so I did some scanning (from the storybook), and drawing in Photoshop, to make ‘lollystick puppets’, then I found some great Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs activities online, improving the educational value of the sack too.