My name is Lisa Bennett and have been the Storysacks Librarian since taking over from Julie Cragg in September 2006.

My daughters went to Myatt Garden Primary School and I was one of the parents who helped make the Storysacks Library in 2002-3.

I come into school on a Friday to run the Storysacks Library; the rest of the week I am a freelance childrenswear designer/consultant, but spend a lot of time thinking about ways to improve Storysacks and always have project on the go!

Our Storysacks are really exciting and beautifully made, but more importantly they have a profound and long lasting effect on the children’s learning; and that’s what makes it so fantastically rewarding.

  • The first thing I did when I took over was to start a programme of washing and cleaning!
  • After that, experiments to modify the drawstring cloth sacks to make them easier to carry – after 3 years work, virtually all the sacks have a clip hook on the drawstring, toggle or zip and carrying strap.
  • I set about replacing all the missing game pieces mostly using Photoshop, P.V.A glue and cereal packets!
  • Now and then I have to source replacement toy characters, books and games- Deptford Market and Hilly Fields Fair are good hunting grounds. There is a very small Storysacks budget for this but it can still take months and occasionally years to find appropriate replacements.
  • Currently –  designing and making 7 new Storysacks to complement the Early Years Core Book List. I love the challenge of making new Storysacks; interpreting wonderful stories and illustrations, designing, sourcing and making educational toys and games which are robust enough for years of use.
  • Currently – this website is an ongoing project which I started building in April 2013.