Finish the Story Dad


Listen to the story:

‘Finish the Story Dad’ by Nicola Smee

When her father stops reading before the end of the story one evening, Ruby is not satisfied with his promise to continue the next night. Dad resists her pleas, and Ruby’s dreams take her to a jungle where she asks each wild creature she meets to finish reading the book. Instead, they offer, in turn, a ride on a lion’s back, a swing on a snake, a gorilla piggyback, a river-crossing on an alligator, and a flight over the treetops in the beak of a great bird. She slips from the bird’s grasp and lands with a thump on her bedroom floor. Her father races to her and, tucking her gently back in bed, offers to finish reading where he left off. But Ruby is sound asleep!

* Made by Myatt Garden parents 2003.