These are sacks which are no longer in the library, because they have been lost, destroyed or deemed unsuitable, but the work that went into making them should not be forgotten:

webmr-gumpys-outingMR GUMPY’S OUTING – Doubly unlucky, some of this sacks contents were lost by the borrower and so it was put in the Out of Action Cupboard waiting for me to fix it, but unfortunately when the school was burgled the sack was used to carry off computer equipment! (Some years earlier this had happened to me when my home was burgled, a cloth storysack I was mending was used to carry off my computer, camera etc).

xwebphoto1owlbabiesOWL BABIES mk1– left on a bus by the borrower.





xwebpeace-at-lastPEACE AT LAST mk1– fell apart with 8 years use constant use!







ROOM ON THE BROOM – Borrowed by a teacher from another school, and it was stolen from there.




webshahrazadSHEREZADE – The text of the story was too difficult and contained ‘threats to kill’!





webthreadbearTHREADBEAR – never returned by the borrower.