Teaching Staff Info

myattimage1To borrow a Storysack please contact the Storysack Librarian, Lisa Bennett.

lisa@spc.org  or 0785 344 3426

Storysacks are available for all Myatt Garden Primary School teaching staff, for use in school.

Use the “search” facility to find storysacks with specific themes or contact the Storysacks Librarian for advice.

Lisa is in school most Fridays in the Storysacks area near the Infants Staff Room or in Reception classes, at other times contact me by email or phone. (I only live round the corner so I can pop into school if you need a sack urgently).

*Please do not remove Storysacks from the cupboards yourself!. Staff have done this in the past, breaking the locks(!), then returning the sacks with pieces missing, and, because I didn’t know who borrowed them I couldn’t retrieve the pieces – the sacks remained out of action for months until I could find/make replacement bits.

N.B. Whilst on loan please keep all the Storysack contents together and in a secure place. Check the contents carefully, using the Inventory inside the storysack, before returning to the Storysack Library.