Myatt families say..

Every storysack has a comments slip inside for parents and children to tell us what they think of storysacks, how they used them, even ideas for improvements! Here’s a small selection of the amazing comments we’ve had over the last thirteen years.

‘Captain Flinn & the Pirate Dinosaurs’ – Mar 2017 – “J•••• loved this so much!”

‘Leopard’s Drum’ – Jan 2017 – “We love these bags”.

‘The Snowman’ -Dec 2016 – “We loved the Storysack – J•••••’s favourite was the game!”

‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ – Nov 2016 – “M**** liked the cat but felt sad because it did not have a name so he called it ‘Poppy’. He likes the game and the story. He found the growth of the fish most interesting.”

‘The Smartest Giant’ – Nov 2016 – “Lovely!”. “We added a pair of socks!”

‘Aladdin’ – Nov 2016 – “My daughter really enjoyed the story and really had fun playing the games and enjoying the pictures”.

‘Rumble in the Jungl’e – Nov 2016 – “J*** loved the animals and the board game”.

‘The Hairy Toe’ – Oct 2016 – “The Story was very helpful for speaking and sharing ideas”.

‘The Leopard’s Drum’ – Oct 2016 “A****** loved making music playing snap and playing with his sister with the puppets”.

‘Guess How Much I Love You’ – “She loved the story and illustrations – she sketched the rabbits and is using the expression ‘as high as you can reach”.

‘There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly’ – “She really enjoyed the storysack and she put a show on stage doing a puppet show”.

‘Pointy-Hatted Princesses’ – Oct 2016 – “Fun rhyming book”.

‘Aladdin’ – June 2016 – “Once again a beautiful and cleverly designed sack. Thanks for providing these interactice stories this year. Really appreciated.”

‘Rapunze’l – May 2016 – “T*** enjoyed the acting out with the character dolls and also enjoyed using the measuring tape to measure everything in the house, including Mummy’s hair! – I great storysack especially with the measuring, helps dfferentiating sizes and lengths, Thanks”.

‘Cinderella’ – April 2016 – “A really beautiful Storysack, really impressive”.

‘Dinosaur Roar’ – Jan 2016 – “A***** liked Dinosaur Grumpy because it looked so angry. We really enjoyed learning about different dinosaurs. Thanks.”

‘Spot’s Birthday Party’ – Dec 2015 – “F******** was fascinated by the dog information book. Spotty Dog game was fun and easy to play.”

‘The Frog Prince’ – Nov 2015 – “My daughter really liked the story. She liked to hold the soft toy and make it act the story. I thought the non-fiction book is an excellent idea. Also the drawings in the story are just beautiful.”

‘This is the Bear’ – Nov 2015 – “My boy liked to play with the doll and he likes the story very much.”

‘Storysacks’ – June 2015 – “What a phenomenal resource! It’s been the highlight of the week. J***** is desperate to get home on a Friday to open his new sack. It’s a family affair! We feel very lucky to have been able to enjoy them with him”.

‘Storysacks’ – June 2015 – “Thanks for a wonderful year of Storysacks! Best from D***** and Mum”.

‘Each Peach Pear Plum’ – Mar 2015 – “E***** enjoyed very much presenting the show to me.” (puppet theatre in the Storysack)

‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ – Jan 2015 – “The pancake recipe made really yummy pancakes! “.

‘The Leopards Drum’ – Nov 2014 – ” Great Storysack – loved the drum and soft toys to act out story”.

‘Pointy-hatted Princesses’ – Nov 2015 – “N*** really enjoyed playing the red card/ yellow card game”.

‘Green Eggs and Ham’ Nov 2014 – “E***** enjoyed the story and practiced her reading from the picture cards. (Rhyming lotto)”.

‘The Kiss That Missed’ July 2014 – “Kids absolutely loved this story and the sack.”

‘I Want My Potty!’ June 2014 – “Beautiful puppets. S**** liked the game. She loves throwing the dice. Thanks!”

‘Sleeping Beauty’ March 2014 – ” Really wonderful sack. Loved the game and puppets”.

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ March 2014 – “Wonderful! We didn’t have time to make the most of it – there were so many elements to it :)”

‘Not Now Bernard’ March 2014 – “Loved the game in this. S**** really got into it. Nice monster puppet.”

‘Aladdin’ February 2014 – “This Storysack is so special R**** loves it. The dressing up clothes are imaginative and beautiful and she has had a wonderful time with them.Thank you!”

‘The Queen’s Knickers’ January 2014 – “We loved the knickers they were very funny”.

‘Titch’ October 2013 – “S***** really enjoyed using the puppets to illustrate the story, she retold it using her own words. We then continued to play with the puppets, as being family members, doing things around the house.”

‘Green Eggs And Ham’ May 2013 – “L*** and her brother enjoyed making the recipes – we will be making some again – it was fun to read out the names of the recipes (Revolting Recipes’ by Roald Dahl).”

‘Kipper’s Toybox’ January 2013 – ” S***** loved this Storysack! She wanted to play the game with the dice at least twice every evening. And all the soft toys were great to play the story as we were reading it.

‘Hairy Toe’ November 2012 – “All three of my children turned this into a theatre production – with the torch and shadows. They loved it! For 4 year olds to 10 year olds!”

‘I Want My Potty’ October 2012 – ” O**** loved this sack – she thought the puppets were fantastic. She also loved the game as it was perfectly pitched for her age and she could play/understand/win easily! I loved it too, I had forgotten what a fantastic resource they are.”

‘Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?’ – October 2012 – ” J**** loved the book…… He played a lot with the game and learned  a lot about opposites.”

‘The Gruffalo’ June 2012 – “Amazing – we’ve waited all year to get our hands on this one and it surpassed all our expectations!

‘Have You Seen The Crocodile?’ March 2012 – “K*** liked this story and even made up his own ending that the crocodile was never seen again…..”

‘Kiss That Missed’ January 2012 – M***** really liked dressing up as a knight. We took pictures”.

‘Three Little Pigs’ November 2011 – “What a beautiful storysack! We particularly enjoyed huffing and puffing and knocking the houses over!”

‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ March 2011 – “G***** liked this storysack very much, he said it was funny and that they all should have been nicer to Mr Wolf.”

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ October 2011 – “A really great & fun learning tool. Enjoyed by all the family. More Please!”

‘Kiss That Missed’ October 2011- “My son loved the knight’s dressing up costume, it really brought the story alive”.

‘Cinderella’ November 2010 – “Wow- what a sack! Jam packed full of lovely things”.

‘Fergus The Farmyard Dog’ February 2010 – “L*** REALLY loved this storysack. She loved the animals, acted out stories and scenarios with them using her imagination to create stories etc She also looked after the animals really well!”

‘Aladdin’ January 2010 – “This has been I*** favourite storysack so far. He loves the dressing up clothes and the game is great. He loves “all the colours”. We have really enjoyed it!”

‘Three Little Pigs’ October 2009 – “L*** enjoyed acting out the story as we read it to her, before making up her own story using the characters and other props….. The factual book “See How They Grow” was surprisingly entertaining. L*** couldn’t believe how quickly pigs grow!”

‘Frog Princess’ February 2009 – “…….We like the idea behind storysacks and they are exciting to get home and open.”

‘There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly’ November 2008 – ” M**** liked playing the Tummy Ache Game. We sang the ‘There was an Old Lady’ song many times over the last week!”

‘The Journey’ July 2008 – “K***** has thoroughly enjoyed the activities in the Storysacks he has brought home. Storysacks are wonderful for extending/adding to any book being read by a child.

‘Man On The Moon’ October 2008 – “L** loved playing with Bob and he enjoyed the story so much we went to the Science Museum the next day to see the rockets”.

‘Kiss That Missed’ July 2007 – “Storysacks are really good and I love them. I have really looked forward to them every week” D*****”. “An excellent resource” Mum.

‘Guess How Much I Love You’ May 2007 – A******** loved measuring with the ruler. He jotted down the names of the car, pen, tape, book, and wrote the measurements beside.”

‘Titus’ Troublesome Tooth’ May 2007 – “A***** liked playing with the plastic teeth. He enjoyed being a dentist.”

‘Guess How Much I Love You’ November 2006 – “S**** loved this family favourite …..Measured lots of stuff.”

‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ 2005 – “This is a lovely storysack!  …. I think there should be more questions on prompt card as they really engage the mind of the child. I try to think up some questions but they are never so interesting as prompt card ones!!.”

‘Walking Through The Jungle’ 2005 – “Favourite thing was pretending to be searching for the animals with the binoculars…… factual book was a good source of info and discussion”.

‘Big Hungry Bear’ 2004 -“Lovely book – Great storysack. Acted out for family, friends and guests. Both D**** and his younger brother completely fascinated by the fantastic strawberry!”

‘Winnie the Witch’ 2004 – “Our favourite sack so far. Really easy to retell the story using the props. J** then spent most of the week trying to make spells with the wand”.